Caerphilly Kyokushinkai Karate Club

What is Karate?
Karate is a Japanese word that means "empty hand". It is a method of unarmed combat. Apart from teaching you how to strike, block and kick effectively, karate is great training for both body and mind.
What is Kyokushinkai?
Kyokushinkai is a traditional style of karate. Which includes but is not limited to punches, blocks, kicks and throws. It is an excellent form of self-defence and a fun way to get/stay fit and strong.
Kyokushinkai first came to Britain in 1965 when Hanshi Steve Arneil (10th dan) began the British Karate Kyokushinkai (BKK). He began his karate in Japan with Sosai Mas Oyama, who was him self the founder of Kyokushinkai. In 1991 Hanshi Arneil founded the International Federation of Karate (IFK). The BKK currently has around 53 clubs and the IFK has over 100,000 members in 19 countries worldwide.
First Steps
If you would like to try karate, just come along and join in, or feel free to watch a training session you could also  contact Sensei Roger Styles on 07811446710 for more details.

We train at the Y M C A, Brynhafod Rd, Abertridwr, Caerphilly CF83 4BH, Training days are Tuesday and Thursday 18.00 to 19.00 for juniors 7 years+ and 19.00 to 20.45 for seniors. Costs for juniors £1.80 plus entrance to the YMCA of £1.00 and £2.30 plus entrance to the YMCA of £1.70 for seniors.

What to Bring
When you start you only need some loose clothes to train in. We train with bare feet so it is important to make sure that your toe (and finger) nails are short and clean. Also, bring a bottle of water and something warm to wear after training.
after two weeks or so You will be expected to buy a karate Gi (white karate suit)  and a licence.

What to Expect
When you first start training you will join in with the class, learning the basics of Kyokushinkai Karate. You won't be expected to know anything because a lot of karate is taught by being shown and watching what others do. You don't have to be fit to start as the training will develop your fitness, stamina, co-ordination and strength.
Next Steps
 once you have been training for a minimum of 3 months it may be possible for you to attempt your first grading. This is similar to a training session but you are tested on what you have learned in the previous months. Passing your grading will result in you gaining your first coloured belt. The colour of someone's belt indicates their grade. Beginners wear a white belt and advance through red, blue, yellow, green, brown and finally to a black belt.
You may also want to compete in or watch tournaments. We regularly attend tournaments in no-contact, semi-contact and full-contact fighting and in kata (pre-arranged sequences) so there are plenty of opportunities to choose from.
You will be taught by a number of different instructors, most of whom will be black belts. Black belts have a title which depends on their grade  our club has first to third dans.  You can tell what grade they are by the number of gold stripes on their belt, one stripe for each dan.  First and second dans are called Sempai, third and fourth dans are called Sensei and fifth dans above are called Shihan.
"I've trained before - what can I expect?"
You are most welcome to visit or join our club! Please bring along your license (even if expired) and introduce yourself to one of our black belts when you arrive so we can help you fit in at the appropriate place in the line:
* if you train/have trained in kyokushinkai in a BKK / IFK dojo, you will be able to join the line with the others of your grade.
* if you train/have trained in kyokushinkai in a different organisation, please contact us so we can find your place in the line.
* if you train/have trained in a different style of karate, or a different martial art, we are unable to recognise your grade, but your experience will be invaluable in your training with us.
Any Questions?
Hopefully this has answered most of your questions. Please                           for more information. We look forward to meeting you soon!